About Zurimoney

About Zurimoney

The world’s first financial ecosystem for small businesses & people

The best items are personal

What would you rather, a fantastic meal or one made especially for you?

It's evident to us that, despite living in a world filled with fantastic tools and options, individuals consistently gravitate towards choices that resonate personally with them. Whether it's related to food, clothing, furniture, politics, religion, or particularly finances, tailored solutions always leave a more significant impact.

However, financial tools seem to deviate from this trend. They often provide broad, generic, sweeping products designed for specific audiences and markets, catering to particular features and needs.

Our Hypothesis

The Era of Restrained Tools is Coming To a Close

The Personal Computer. Notion. Wikipedia. Substack. Asana. AI.

These entities have all achieved standard status, not necessarily because they outshine others in features, but because they offer a personal touch. We've observed that, in various realms, a higher level of personalization tends to be more favorable.

In the financial sphere, it's akin to a clean slate. Many companies shy away from personalized solutions due to the intricacies of the work and regulations.

However, we distinguish ourselves from those companies.

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The Product

Unlimited Pages for Tools, Tailored To Your Needs

Whether you desire a page dedicated to your accounts (linked to an institution or not), transactions, budget pages, savings projects, and soon, many more features such as adding statements, connecting to APIs, incorporating receipts, and beyond, you can effortlessly add and initiate your work.

Customizing your pages and seamlessly configuring how they interact enables an automatic and personalized approach to cater to your financial needs.

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Our Competitive Edge

Consolidating Functionality & Empowering Automation

Aligned with tailoring our services to meet your specific needs, as our client, you'll have the chance to establish rules for your finances. Leveraging smart technology, we'll seamlessly transform those rules into reality.

This approach allows us to streamline the categorization of accounts into budgets by 70%, enhance contributions to savings projects by 50%, increase the integration of accounts by over 100%, and facilitate linking accounts by 20%.

Clients who opt for Zurimoney discover a heightened sense of organization, operate more efficiently, and make smarter financial decisions.

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Our Mission

Bringing Out The Best In Your Finances

We believe that finances and money are inherently positive, but the tools used to manage them haven't reached the level they should have. With our new tools and pages, we are confident that we can save you time, establish clear organization in your finances, eliminate confusion, and whether you are a business or an individual, assist you in aligning your money with your goals.

Our overarching goal is to construct a system so well-designed that, over time, we'll take on more responsibilities for you. Our vision is that one day, you won't even have to think about your money—we'll handle all the work for you.

Join us on this adventure.

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